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Hi, my name is Eric Berger and I have a web page. Ha.


I recently graduated from Tulane Law School.

Don't ask me what type of lawyer I'm gonna be. I don't know. But anyway, here's my resume. Go here for the Tulane Sports Law Society homepage


I went undergrad to the University of Texas at Austin. Now my brother Todd goes there. My sister, Zoe, goes to the University of New Orleans.


My high school alma mater is Jesuit High School in New Orleans, La.


Being from New Orleans, I love the Saints. Visit my Saints page if you haven't already.

I also love the Chicago Cubs. I'll try to have a Cubs page for next season. I've been saying this for years. I might happen.


I also have a page dedicated to the 2000 NFL drafts, which will be held this coming April. I have a mock draft, lists of the best players at each position, and team needs.


The 10 Best Movies of 1999!

The 20 Best Albums of 1999!

If you have a chance, visit my former roommate Miguel's page.

Or check out Mike Friedman's page


last updated 12/4/99


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