Berger's Heavenly Choir

Carolyn and Archie created hundreds more angel dolls than the ones pictured on this website. They sold them at boutiques and crafts fairs throughout New Orleans and the Southeast Louisiana region. They even sold dolls through Angel Wings, a gift shop in New Orleans' French Quarter, who sold to tourists who would take them to new homes around the world.

But, Carolyn and Archie gave away as many angel dolls as they sold, to anyone they thought would appreciate the love that went into every stitch. Visitors to the house, church members, relatives, friends, all were told the story of the dolls and offered their pick of the latest creations. When Carolyn was in her rehab hospital after Hurricane Katrina, they decorated her room. And Carolyn glowed as she told their stories to the medical staff who'd come by, usually offering each their pick of the choir.

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