Carolyn and Archie

Carolyn and Archie Berger began applying their handicraft talents when their children were in scouting. Gathering found objects and scraps, they taught the children to use their imagination to create gifts and decorative objects by reusing simple materials.

Eventually, the popularity of craft fairs offered a new outlet for the couple. Carolyn and Archie began sewing and painting a wide variety of dolls, toys, aprons, gifts, and other household objects. In time, they focused on Victorian angel dolls, made of old quilts and fabrics, antique lace, colorful buttons and an incredible amount of talent and inspiration. This was the beginning of Berger's Heavenly Choir

Well into retirement, Carolyn and Archie found time to make new dolls. They created hundreds of their angels, selling them in boutiques and giving them as gifts. You'll even find them on sale in the French Quarter in their hometown of New Orleans.

Each doll is unique, with its own name and character. If you gave her the time, Carolyn could not only tell you the history of all the materials that were used to make the doll, but the story behind the doll's name and a little bit about its personality. They were always very proud that their "children" have found homes all over the world.

Archie Blaise Berger, Sr., February 3, 1927 - July 26, 2007

 Carolyn Dugas Berger, July 25, 1922 - February 13, 2006

Dolls Group One

Dolls Group Two